1 Keith Clarkson site looks good, John.
  2 kendrick Heard you on CBC radio.

came to get a look. loved what i saw.
will be back again.
  3 Julia Interesting site
  4 Trisha Have not seen any of Kane's work since I was in junior high--& that was too many years ago! I am so pleased this site is here!!!!
  5 nancee great research/pics for my essay! thanks
  6 Kirsty Barker hello.
Awsome site. I am the great niece of Paul Kane living here in Edmonton. Our family goes back to County cork Ireland where my mother was born. I believe He comes from the Lipman's ( Im not sure if he changed his name or how that works ) Anyways, I was wondering if Paul Kane had a family here in Canada? please e-mail and let me know.
  7 B Jones Great work.
  8 Soccerstar Great reference site. I am doing a project on Paul Kane and this site really helped. Good job!
  9 Sootaanaah Interactive dialouge is always a good thing

Blackfoot Person's know thier own history

  10 Lia fairly good site though it would be better if it gave the dates of production
  11 bill yang good site
  12 krystel garica good site really good job
  13 jl i heard u guys on cbc radio
  14 michael cheng good video u guys made ...cheer!s
  15 robin le awsome site layout. good video
  16 d.g. jones I have for sale the official Canada Post poster that announced the
1971 Paul Kane stamp. Write me if interested.
  17 cheongjihun I want to add it
  18 barbra i heart you guys
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  28 alexis i agree withy natz bout everythin especially the dana part haha!!!! so true!
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  39 alexis hey no ones makin fun of natz!
  40 alezxi
  41 alezxi
  42 ashleigh graydon Hello, this is neat! i just found it. I my grandfather is the great, great grandson of paul kane, and is an artist himself. although he is not known, he just loves to paint!anyways, if anyone is a relative of paul kane feel free to email me id love you hear from you, my mother is a kane and its interesting to hear from other people!
  43 Mike Jackson
  44 Harvey George My dear grandmother's ancestor and son were painted by PK at Fort Victoria in 1848.
  45 gordon kane hello forum persons
  46 gordon kane i was wondering about this guy paul kane and his geneoliglly( forget the spelling!~!)
i am a kiwi(new zealander) and paint
any one in the forum advise me further about where pauls work is on line?
gordon kane
new zealand
  47 Ashraf Zafar hey... you know u shouldn't had this name.."paul" because you are
too ugly fro it... EWWWWW..... STUPID UGLY FACE.....
  49 kuini taraiti ani Te Miha Ryan my first time experince
  50 Shannon Horses rule with a capital H
  51 Sara Where can I find his Journal entries for his trip to
Ft Snelling MN. The painting.. "Sioux Scalp Dance"
is there any writing on this painting? What year was
it painted, was Paul Kane really there at Ft
Snelling? Thank-you
  52 Debra Facinating, fantabulous....I loved it all.


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